Nine 1983 [2 TV Special + 1 Movie 720p x.264]

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Nine (1983) (2 TV Special + 1 Movie 720p x.264)
Subtitle: English

Nine: Original-ban tells the story of two friends who are just entering Seishuu High School: record-setting middle school sprinter Niimi Katsuya and prefectural middle school judo champion Karasawa Susumu. Dropping by the school’s baseball field, they see a beautiful girl staring forlornly at the school team’s miserable performance. On impulse, they decide to join the baseball club, in order to cheer her up. She turns out to be Nakao Yuri, the baseball coach’s daughter and soon to be team manager. They also meet Kurahashi Eiji, a middle school baseball phenom, and persuade him to join the team as well. Thus begins their athletic and romantic odyssey, which will take them from the agony of defeat to the hallowed grounds of Koushien, Japan’s high school baseball championships.

Anime: Nine (Original Ban)
Nine: Kanketsuhen
Nine 2: Koibito Sengen


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