THE CRO-MAGNONS – The Cro-Magnons Tour Mountain Banana 2023 (2023) CD Album

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THE CRO-MAGNONS – The Cro-Magnons Tour Mountain Banana 2023 [2023.10.18] (ザ・クロマニヨンズ – ザ・クロマニヨンズ ツアー MOUNTAIN BANANA 2023)
FLAC / Lossless / CD / Limited Edition – 2023 485.17 MB

Live recording of “The Cro-Magnons Tour MOUNTAIN BANANA 2023”, which was held with the album “MOUNTAIN BANANA” released on January 18, 2023. The Cro-Magnons will be releasing a live disc featuring live sound recordings from the “MOUNTAIN BANANA 2023” tour. In addition to songs from the entire album, including the latest single “Inochino March”, the album includes 23 songs, including the hit numbers “Girigiri Gagangan” and “Number One Bastard! and other hit numbers! The live performance is just as realistic as the live performance, and the passion of the audience is conveyed straight to the audience! The Limited Edition includes a 2-disc analog set, a CD with the same contents, and a 90-minute DVD documenting the live performance at Nakano Sun-plaza on March 30 and the rest of the tour. The entire video is recorded on 8mm film in black and white, and is filled with the atmosphere and flavor of the moment that can only be felt on 8mm. A 28-page LP jacket-sized photo book is also included in the package,The complete production limited edition contains all the contents of the “Tour MOUNTAIN BANANA 2023” in a superb package!

1. ランラン
2. 暴走ジェリーロック
3. ズボン
4. カマキリ階段部長
5. でんでんむし
6. 一反木綿
7. スピードとナイフ
8. クレーンゲーム
9. ごくつぶし
10. イノチノマーチ
11. ドラゴン
12. もうすぐだぞ! 野犬!
13. キングコブラ
14. さぼりたい
15. 心配停止ブギウギ
16. ペテン師ロック
17. エルビス(仮)
18. 紙飛行機
19. ギリギリガガンガン
20. ナンバーワン野郎!
21. 突撃ロック
22. タリホー
23. クロマニヨン・ストンプ