Like A Dragon Ishin Deluxe Edition [EUR] [Multi+ENG] [1.01] + 11 DLC (PS4)

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Like A Dragon Ishin Deluxe Edition [EUR] [Multi+ENG] [1.01] + 11 DLC (PS4)

Like A Dragon Ishin Deluxe Edition

Release year : 2023
Genre : Action, Adventure
Developer : Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher : SEGA
Disc code : CUSA32174
Game region : EUR
Multiplayer : No
Game version : 1.01
Minimum firmware version : 5.05
Performance checked by releaser : No
Interface language : English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Japanese
Voice Language : Japanese
Translation : No
Age : M – 18+

Description : Kyoto 1860s. Inequality reigns in the country, but one samurai in search of justice can change the course of history. Take Sakamoto Ryoma’s sword and travel to Kyoto to find your father’s killer, clear yourself of suspicion of murder, and regain your honor. You will end the era of the samurai and change the future of Japan forever. Draw your blade, load your revolver and lead the revolution in this thrilling historical adventure from the creators of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Bonechewer Katana
Elite Generals Trooper Card Bundle
Gun Upgrade Materials Kit
Japanese Swords and Cannon Set
Ryoma Growth Support Kit
Shinsengumi Captain’s Set
Snowcap Katana
Sword Upgrade Materials Kit
The Dragon of Dojima Skin
Third Division Armament Expansion Kit
Waterdrop Katana
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